About A little poem

A little poem 的中文名字叫诗。诗出生与内蒙古,18岁时赴日本,取得纯艺术学(绘画实践)学士,现在英国攻读当代艺术史(理论)硕士学位。





A little poem’s name is Shi. Shi is originally from Inner Mongolia, completed her degree in Fine Art in Japan, and is currently studying contemporary art history in London. Shi is an identical twin, who believes that her-self is never a complete person, by which she means she is connected with her twin sister. Shi loves art, traveling, cooking, poetry, philosophy, and is also interested in learning languages.

This blog is a gift from her partner-her first true love.

Shi will keep updating articles and memorable events in here. She will mainly introduce her academic interests, gallery visits, films, poems and her personal events (regarding family and close friends) etc. Although, this blog is still young, Shi will try to enrich it little by little. So please be patient and supportive for her. The blog is also part of her personal archive, ‘each post is a passing landmark on the journey of life’ escdotdot.