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Shi misses Ed in BJ

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Time flies! I left London for two weeks ago already. Ed says the weather is not as nice as last month when we were buried in essays. In Beijing, the sand storm from Inner Mongolia made the city dry and windy. I was stuck at home, writing about a new media artist.

I will be working in Beijing for half a year this time – such a long period after I have been living in overseas for 7 years. The crowds, the traffic, the unpleasant weather and the dramatically changed appearance of the city make me feel a bit lost. I have found it’s difficult to concentrate on things. This is also because I miss Ed so much. We are both staying alone in London and Beijing. But distance will only help our relationship to become firmer. As Ed said, difficulties can be met together and will make us stronger. Thank you Ed, my love!