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a love letter+ a red rose +a little poem

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

凌晨, 当秒针刚刚跨过了2007年2月14日的大门。

My little poem, 是诗也是我。

my little poem, 我心中的小诗,
i brush gently against your joy, 我温馨地梳理你的喜悦,
i move my hand over your hair, 任随指尖在你长发间穿梭,
barely touching you, 时而接触,时而疏离,
shining in front of me. 闪耀在我面前。

my little poem, 我心中的小诗,
i will keep trying to find the words, 我会一直找寻那些为你臣服的发自我内心深处的言语,
for what i felt for you. 为你,为你。

Ed says, ‘you are my little poem’.

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

当Ed第一次对我说 ‘you are my little poem’, 我的心被深深的触动了。
当他给我这个‘布拉格’,鼓励我写英文记事,写感受,表达内心世界,分享学业与经历,纪录人生的点点滴滴,我命名这片天地为‘ a little poem’.


Love is encompassed…

Love is encompassed in my Lady’s eyes
Whence sheennobles all she looks upon.
Where e’er she walks, the gaze of everyone
She draws: in him she greets, such tremors rise,
All pale, he tures his face away, and sighs,
Reflecting on his failings, one by one,
Fleeing before her, wrath and pride are gone,
Come, ladies, sing with me her eulogies,
All gentleness and all humility
When she is heard to speak in hearts unfold,
And blessed is he by whom she first was seen.
When she a little smiles, her aspect then
No tongue can tell, no memory can hold,
So rare and strange a miracle is she.

这首诗写于1290,是但丁为Beatrice所作。同但丁一样,Beatrice 来自于佛罗伦萨,貌美绝伦的她年纪轻轻(24岁)就不幸去世了。在但丁的记忆里(从童年到成年),Beatrice 一直拥有完美的女性形象。Beatrice去世后,自然而然她的成为了但丁心中爱神的化身。但丁用诗歌,回味她,歌颂她,悼念她,同时一如既往的爱着她。